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About GaelicMatters

So just a little about GaelicMatters.

Though now back living in Dublin, Ireland, this site was was actually started in the USA. My wife and I, together with our two young kids, took a break for a couple of years (2009-2011) to escape the endless bad news stories relating to the Irish economy. We taught in a private secondary school in New Hampshire, hid away from most of the constant crisis talk.

For our kids our U.S experience was fantastic and we met lots of great people. However, I did miss home. I remained in constant touch with family and friends.

One thing about living in the States that struck me was the amount of people with a real interest in and ties to Gaelic Ireland and Scotland. This website is my way of sharing my knowledge with them and you.

Being back in Dublin means I have so many more resources with which to add to this site. However, I have been so busy since returning that I haven´t had as much time as I had hoped for to add to the site. Hopefully this year will be different!

> About GaelicMatters

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