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Irish Sayings about love and Irish Wedding Sayings are often clever and romantic, yet remain earthy. Claiming St Valentine as one of our own, what we include here as Irish Valentines Day Sayings show the soft side of the Irish while our list of Irish Marriage Sayings are filled with irony and humour.

Although not often identified as one of most romantic peoples of the world, the Irish approach love in a warm and affectionate way. I've put together this list of short Irish Sayings on Love in English and Irish Gaelic below. I would be delighted for you to contact me with any others to expand the list.


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Irish Love Sayings - General

Níl leigheas ar an ngrá ach pósadh.
There is no cure for love other than marriage.

Folíonn grá gráin.
Love veils ugliness.

Maireann lá go ruaig ach maireann an grá go huaigh. 
A day lasts until it's chased away but love lasts until the grave.

Capall an tsaoil an grá. 
Love makes the world go around.

An luífeása le mo mhuintirse?
Would you like to be buried with my people? (a strange wedding proposal)

Tá trí shaghas bean ann: bean chomh mí-náireach le muc, bean chomh crosta le cearc agus bean chomh mín leis an uan. 
There are three kinds of women: a women as shameless as a pig, a woman as contrary as a hen and a women as gentle as a lamb.

Triúr fear go dteipeann orthu mná a thuiscint: fír óga, fir aosta agus fir mhéanaosta. 
Three kinds of men who fail to understand women: young men, old men and middle-aged men.

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Irish Wedding Sayings

Ná gabh bean gan locht.
Do not take a wife without fault. 

Má tá moladh uait, faigh bás;  má tá cáineadh uait, pós
If you want praise, die;  if you want complaints, marry.

Ná pós bean gan locht (mar níl a leithéid ann !)
Don't marry your ideal woman (because there is no such thing ! )

Sliocht sleachta ar sliocht bhur sleachta!
May you have children and your children have children. 

Go raibh páiste gach bliain agat.
May you have a child every year (more of a blessing)

Más mian leat cáineadh pós, Más mian leat moladh faigh bás.
If it's abuse you want, marry, If it's praise you want, die.

An té nach bpósann níl ach uaigneas dilte dósan. 
He who does not marry will be lonely.

Pós bean oileáin agus pósfaidh tú an t-oileán ar fad.
Marry an island woman and you marry the whole island.

Pós bean aniar agus pósfaidh tú thiar.
Marry a woman from the west and you marry the west.

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Irish sayings - Marriage

Ní féasta go rósta, ní céasadh go pósta
There is no feast without a roast, there is no torment without being married.

Faigh do bhean i gcóngar, ach i bhfad uait díol do bhó.
Get your wife locally, but you sell your cow far away. 

Níl ní níos géire ná teanga mná.
There's nothing sharper than a woman's tongue.

Glacann drochbhean comhairle gach fir ach a fhear féin.
A bad wife takes the advice of every man except her husband.

Is maith an bhean í ach níor bhain sí a bróga di go fóill.
She is a good wife, but she has not taken off her shoes yet. (she hasn't been tested yet)

Ní féasta go rósta, 'is ní céasta go pósta.
There is no feast like a roast, and no torment like a marriage. 

Mairg nach ndéanann comhairle dea-mhná.
Woe to him who does not have the counsel of a good wife.

Is fearr lúbadh ná briseadh.
It is better to bend than to break.

Is fearr an t-imreas ná an t-uaigneas.
The argument is better than the loneliness.

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Irish Valentines Day Sayings

Not so much sayings here but Irish expressions of love for the romantic moment or card. Have included a pronunciation guide for those of you who want to give it a try. Remember that 'ch' in Gaelic has no real equivalent in English but is the throaty sound at the end of the word 'loch". If you can't manage it just pronounce 'ch' as a 'k' to be understood.

I'm in love with you
Taw-im in-raw lat.
Táim i ngrá leat.

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat.
Taw muh ch(k)ree is-chi un-it.
My heart is in you'.... (a nice way of saying 'I love you')

Tabhair póg dom.
Toor pogue dum 
Give me a kiss.

Mo chuid den tsaol
Muy ch(k)wid den tay-ol
My share of life= you are my everything

My true love

Mo chéadsearc
Muh ch(k)ade-shark
My first/true love

Tá tú iontach álainn.
Taw too een-tach(k) awl-in.
You're amazingly beautiful.

Will you marry me?
On bo-sig too may
An bpósfaidh tú mé?

Mo thaisce
Muh hash-keh
My darling

Mo stór
Muh store 
My darling (also)

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