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Celtic Cross Images, Pictures and Patterns

I've put together a collection of different types of Celtic cross images, pictures and patterns which includes High crosses (standing crosses) and Memorial crosses. These pictures are mostly from Gaelic Ireland and Scotland. Where possible, I try to give location and other details.

Celtic Cross Images - Scottish and Irish High Crosses

The Celtic cross photos below are the real deal. These crosses date from about 750AD-1150AD. There are different types of high crosses, some quite plain with few patterns, others with elaborate Celtic designs and patterns and others still which have designs and patterns based around scenes from the Bible- what we refer to as scripture based crosses. For more information about these crosses have a look at our Celtic Cross Meaning page.

Most of the crosses in this first gallery are from the Gaelic Ireland and Scotland.

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Celtic  Cross - Plain  High  Cross  Glendalough

Glendalough, Co Wicklow- Plain High Cross -photo courtesy of Eoin O Mahony

Celtic High Cross - Nevern Wales

Nevern Cross, St David's Cathedral Wales -photo courtesy of Phil W Shirley

St John's Celtic Cross, Iona, Scotland

St John's Cross, Iona, Scotland. May be first cross with a ring -photo courtesy of Kiltbear

Celtic Cross Iona Scotland

Mixing of Christian and Druid themes Iona (?), Scotland -photo courtesy of David Flanders

Celtic Irish High Cross Clonmacnoise

Clonmacnoise, Co Offaly - Scriptural High Cross Original site but replica (original kept nearby) -photo courtesy of Enrique

Celtic Irish High Cross at Monasterboice

Monasterboice Co Louth - Irish High Cross Biblical scenes with zodiac at base-photo courtesy of Bernd Bragelman

Celtic Cross St Martin's Iona

9th or 10th Century, St Martin's Cross, Iona, Scotland-photo courtesy of vegansoldier

Celtic cross pattern on Monasterboice Cross

Good shot of Celtic Cross pattern, Monasterboice, Co Louth-photo courtesy of wmshc_kiwi

Old Celtic High Cross Devinish Island Co Fermanagh

Devenish Cross, Co Fermanagh photo by Julie Berlin

Celtic Cross picture St Martin's, Iona, Scotland

Another beautiful one of St Martin's Cross, Iona -photo courtesy of Jemassmith

Celtic Cross Irish High Cross, Kells

Kells High Cross -photo courtesy of Julie_berlin

High Cross Iona Scotland

High Cross, Iona, Scotland Ray Lathwell

Celtic Crosses Images and Patterns

The Celtic Cross images and patterns below are memorial crosses, not considered to be authentic High Crosses. Most of the real High crosses were erected more than 800 years ago. However, in the middle of the 1800's, Celtic crosses became fashionable again and were used as tombstone crosses or headstone crosses or indeed for many other different types of memorials. The Celtic crosses that you may see in cemeteries or graveyards all over the world are of this type.

While many of the original high crosses are now in poor condition, many of the celtic cross patterns and designs on these memorial crosses are elaborate and beautiful and honor the Celtic tradition.

Celtic Crosses Glasnevin Cemetery

Celtic Crosses in Glasnevein
Cemetery Dublin - photo courtesy of Informatique

Celtic Cross Glendalough, Co Wicklow

Celtic Cross at Glendalough, Co Wicklow-
photo courtesy of Magic_bee.

Beautiful Celtic Pattern on this Cross

Beautiful pattern on this Cross Memorial at Glasnevin Cemetery-photo courtesy of Infomatique.

Celtic Cross Iona Scotland

Interesting Celtic cross pattern-Iona, Scotland against beautiful sky-photo courtesy of Simaron

Celtic Cross evening photo Kerry

Nice cross shot in Co Kerry-photo courtesy of Cubanjunky

Celtic cross pattern on Antrim cross

Celtic cross pattern (Antrim)-photo courtesy of mrpattersonsir

High Cross Glendalough with St Kevin's Round Tower

Simple pattern with St Kevin's Round Tower, Glendalough -photo courtesy of fwiffo

Nice celtic cross pattern Iona Scotlan

Nice Celtic cross design, Iona, Scotland-photo courtesy of Sarniebill1

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