Holyoke St. Patrick's Parade

The website will fill in all that it's worth but it has been around since 1952. It's not just a parade but a series of events that brings the fun loving Irish out of everyone.
Irish Parrish was Holyoke's original name, hundreds of years ago, so why it took so long for this parade, is beyond me! The committee takes a lot of there time, effort and passion to organize all that is associated with celebrating the long Irish heritage of this community.
One of the traditions is picking a Colleen each year. The Luck o' the Irish has nothing to do with awarding the beautiful and talented young lady a scholarship and a trip to Ireland.
The Outstanding American of Irish Descent Award was renamed in 1958 for the state senator that first won it, as the John F. Kennedy National Award.
There is even a 10k run that is on the same weekend as the Sunday parade that first follows March 17th.

Their website will do it more justice than I possibly could.

I'm sure I'm not alone with this endorsement for my home town that began this parade the year I was born.

Erin go bragh!!
I mean...Éirinn go Brách

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