> Moving home to Ireland

Moving home to Ireland

I have a little announcement. We're going home. After almost two and a half years away, we're moving home to Ireland from America, or to be more exact from New Hampshire, USA to Dublin.

Despite the economic turmoil that Europe and Ireland are facing, we're ready and glad to be relocating from US to Ireland. We'll be moving home by the end of November 2011. We're really looking forward to seeing family and meeting up with friends.

We need a taste of city life again and to have the smell of the sea at our door once again. We're anticipating the run up to Christmas. This being my second stint living abroad, I relish the idea of being at home in the run up to Christmas. I remember the 'craic' of meeting up with people at that time of year when you haven't seen them for so long.

Moving home to Ireland : Leaving snowy New Hampshire behindUA School in New Hampshire. Our home for two years
under a pile of snow. Incredibly beautiful but bloody freezing!

We've had an interesting stay, teaching in a New England prep school but boarding school life is not for us longterm. You have to have a vocation for it because you live with it 24/7 and I don't really need a vocation at this stage. Both my wife and I are used to having a job you can walk away from in the evening, so we'll be looking forward to having that back again. And we ain't going to miss the long winters.

But I have to say we've met some fantastic people. It's going to be hard to say goodbye and for our 2 kids, even harder. They've had a whale of a time.

While I will be busy with my new job when I get back, moving to Dublin will mean that I will have access to much greater resources and will be able to keep even more on top of all matters gaelic, celtic and Irish, so I am hoping this humble website will get bigger, better and more confident.

See you all in Ireland. Move to Dublin with me!

> Moving home to Ireland

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