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Celtic Knot Designs - Gallery of drawings, pictures and images

Have a look at the beauty and intricacy of Celtic Knot designs and patterns in the drawings and pictures below. I have put together two primarily Scottish and Irish Celtic Knot galleries for you, the first focusing on the design and art and the second on some photos of use. Feel free to use any of the hand drawn patterns from my good friend gmc included below.

I also recommend you make sure to find out something of the interesting history, symbolism and meaning of the Celtic Knot symbol before leaving.

Celtic Knot Gallery of Drawings

Celtic knots are complete, continuous and with no clear beginning or end. They look like strands which are interwoven. You can find different knotwork patterns consisting of one or a number for strands which criss-cross.

According to Celtic Art expert, J Romilly Allen's book Celtic Art in Pagan and Christion Times, (link opens a new window to an online version of the book), there are 8 basic Celtic knot designs which all use 3 or 4 strands or plaits.

Free Celtic Knot Patterns Gallery

Simple Celtic Knot - drawing -courtesy of gmc

Free Celtic knot patterns Gallery

Round knot design -
drawing courtesy of gmc Phil Shirley

Free Celtic Knot Gallery Pattern

4 interlocking Triquetras or Trintiy knots- drawing courtesy of gmc

Free Celtic Knot Shamrock Gallery Patterns

Celtic shamrock knot in shape of famous Irish symbol - drawing courtesy of gmc

Free Celtic Knot patterns Gallery

Celtic Trinity Knot- drawing courtesy of gmc

Free Celtic Knot Gallery Cross Pattern

Celtic Cross with simple Trinity knot -
drawing courtesy of gmc

Gallery Celtic Knot Pattern

An intricate Celtic knot design cut in paper- image courtesy of rore

Gallery Celtic Knot Drawings

Celtic knot art-photo courtesy of Diane McKillop

Gallery Celtic Knot Art

Celtic Art 2- picture courtesy of
Diane MacKillop

Celtic Cross picture St Martin's, Iona, Scotland

Another beautiful one of St Martin's Cross, Iona -photo courtesy of Vectorportal

Celtic Knot Pictures and Images Gallery

Some of the best examples of celtic knot patterns can be seen on crosses, a few of which I have included below. But the popularity of these symbols means that you will see them in a whole bunch of places and I include just a few examples.

Celtic Knot art Celtic Cross

Celtic Knot Art on Cross Clontarf Dublin-photo courtesy of gmc

Celtic Knot art on beer cap

Celtic Trinity Knot on beer cap-photo courtesy of Stevedepolo

Celtic Knot design art on Glasnevin cross

Beautiful Knot design on this Cross -photo courtesy of Infomatique.

Celtic Knot Art Image

Nice simple celtic knot pattern on cross- picture courtesy of MGifford

Celtic Knot design on Mouse mat

Celtic Knot Art on mouse mat-photo courtesy of Crimfants

Celtic Knot Design on Cross in Antrim

Beautiful Celtic Knot pattern on
Celtic cross - photo courtesy of mrpattersonsir

Celtic Knot pattern on sweater

Simple celtic knot pattern on sweater-photo courtesy of Noricom

Celtic knot design on cross

Another great example of Celtic Knot Art on Cross - photo courtesy of gmc

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