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Well, we're back home in Dublin after over two years in the States. Moved back as planned in November. See my Moving home to Ireland page.

The Irish economy is in a terrible state, jobs are being lost, the government is cutting everything, the World Bank/EU are breathing down our necks, it's hard to find a positive story in the newspapers and yet...... it feels great to be back home.

As I keep telling people 'Ireland does poverty well'. Through our long history Ireland seems to have struggled and the prosperous period of 1995 to 2008 seems like a blip of good fortune. We got our chance to party and we let go. But we committed one of the great sins and as we say in Ireland 'We lost the run of ourselves.'

Traditional Irish pubTraditional Irish Pub Dublin
- photo courtesy of Sebastian Dooris

Anyway, we are paying for it and we will get through. Despite the present difficulties, there is more belief in Ireland than there used to be. People are determined and the country will get back on its feet.

All that's an aside from what I wanted to say. Now that we're back in Ireland and we have settled in to our life again, I am hoping to add steadily to this little website. I think the pages will get better because there is so much more material available to me here and plenty of people to ask when I have doubts.

I would be delighted to hear your suggestions as gaelicmatters.com takes off.

Leanaimid ar aghaidh! (We will go forward)


> Moving Home

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